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Friday, February 27, 2015

Changing My Location, Not Changing My Practice

Dear Clients, Colleagues, and Friends:

Twenty-six years is a long time in one place. While there is sadness in parting, the partners of Seder & Chandler, LLP and I have mutually agreed to separate our practices. Effective March 1, 2015, I will leave the firm and join my wife, Marina R. Matuzek, at her law offices located at 4 Austin Street, Worcester, MA 01609. 

As for my practice, I will continue to offer my services to present and future clients and represent them in consumer bankruptcy, business bankruptcy, and bankruptcy litigation in Massachusetts courts. As I have often said in my  “elevator speech”, it does not matter whether you are a debtor or creditor, consumer or business, owner or claimant, plaintiff or defendant—if you plan to be involved or are already involved in a bankruptcy case or an adversary proceeding, I can assist you. I offer my experience and knowledge in business and consumer Chapter 7, Chapter 11, and Chapter 13 cases, on all sides of a bankruptcy case and on all sides of an adversary proceeding. My twenty-six years in bankruptcy practice have also provided me with experience and knowledge in commercial litigation, loan transactions, corporate matters, mortgage foreclosure, and secured party sales. If you have a problem or need representation in any of these areas, I will be willing to sit down with you and explore your options.

Seder & Chandler, LLP and I plan to continue our amicable relationship. The firm expects that it will refer many bankruptcy-related matters and inquiries it receives to me, and I expect I will refer to Seder & Chandler, LLP non-bankruptcy-related matters and inquiries, if such referrals are in the best interests of a current or potential client.

I will continue to maintain this bankruptcy blog, my Twitter account, my Linked-In account, and my Google+ page. Please visit those sites, if you are so inclined, & stay tuned for updates.